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13" (33cm) ICAR TAILORS' SHEARS / Scissors - hand made in ITALY - individually numbered - very rare opportunity - amazing quality

Brand new pair of ICAR 8" (19.5 cm) Spring Loaded Knife Edge Bent Trimmers / Fabric Shears
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Brand new pair of 13" (33cm) Tailors' Shears - hand made & individually numbered

Hand made in Italy

Very rare, incredibly quality

Factory in Italy commissioned to create just a few of these. All individually numbered. These shears have not been made since the 60's and were done with the original molds.

Available in chrome finish.

Shears like this are not made anywhere in the world anymore. The quality of these is incredible, they will last many lifetimes.

Just look at the Amazon reviews!

--"I purchased these shears thru another channel when there was a pre-order. The seller put an immense amount of work into having this product created and we are all very grateful for it. Simply gorgeous and a joy to use!! I have been looking for shears like this for, well, I can't even remember how long. I will guard them with my life. They've made my work a joy. You just cannot find a shear this large and of this quality on the market anywhere, trust me I've looked. And they are individually numbered!! In terms of sharpness and cut quality, they are super sharp and instill confidence. Super comfortable."

--"After SEVERAL years looking for a large, quality pair of tailor shears that wasn't 100 years old, I luckily found these! They are beautifully made, have great weight, and cut smoothly. Also, they are great if you have fat bear paws like myself ! The seller is unbelievable and went above and beyond every step of the way."

--"Completely agree with comments posted above. These shears are a work of art and will be passed down appropriately."

--"This is one kick-butt shears!! I have collected fine quality scissors and shears for all of my life - I appreciate fine quality tools in all my pursuits. And this is the finest shears I have ever experienced. Extremely fine craftsmanship. Precise cutting. This is not some wimpy scissors. It is large and has heft, so larger/stronger hands will appreciate what it can do with heavy wool. But it also cleanly cuts finer cloth with equal precision. It is a lifetime investment that someone will be fortunate to inherit from me in the future. I feel so fortunate to be able to own and use it in my fine sewing craft."

--"Photo does not do the shears justice. I was also one of the lucky people who participated in the original consignment - and what the photos do not show well is the size and heft of the shears. We all know how long 13 inches is, but until you've felt them in your hands - you have not experienced them properly. I am 6 ft 2" and have man-size hands - and these fit my grip like they were made for me. So amazing. And when you need to cut wool or heavy cloth - they slice through effortlessly. I have the stainless pair, (marked #50) and am sure that my relatives will be fighting for these over my coffin one day. No one who has seen them has been unimpressed."

--"I bought 2 of these scissors during the introductory sale on another site. As a tailor, I use scissors all the time. Either these are scissors or what we have been using were scissors. These are amazing. We have just received them so I cannot comment on longevity or how they will behave overtime, but, looking at the construction and weight, I do not think they are going anywhere over my lifetime."

--"Outstandingly beautiful shears! The craftsmanship is flawless, the shine in the blades and handles is exquisite, the blades cut sharp and clean, the weight in your hand is solid without being overly cumbersome, and the quality of the entire product will take your breath away. I'm so happy with mine, they're my most favourite shears to use."

--"The best scissor I have ever cut with :)"

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 4.0000
Country of Manufacture Italy
Material 1050 carbon steel, chrome finish


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